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Click on the Be Seen Collection button to browse all products with this unique and original LGBTQIA+ design, some products even come with an original poem that is heart felt and full of meaning. All profits go toward savings to open a Lesbian based cafe/bar. We all know there is a very limited amount of safe spaces and we would love your help in creating another. Place your order today and show off your Pride and support!

What We Are About

LzBFz Designz is created by a lesbian couple who want to share designs they have dreamt of, created and mastered pixel by pixel. One of the women said, "I like that shit, buy it!" The designs are not just whipped up to make a quick dollar, they are thoroughly thought out and have meaning behind them. This is one of the reasons why we only have a couple designs up at the moment. 

Every design we create is original (we do not use stock images). For example; the pictures i.e. the moon in Womanifest Design was taken by LzBFz Designz of the actual moon. We also transferred and created each design from thought to paper and from paper to digital graphic to be used on products produced through P.O.D. services.

The profits made from every item we sell will be saved to go toward opening a Lesbian cafe/bar lounge in the Vancouver, WA area. Our mission will be to provide a safe and welcoming space for women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Check us out on our Tiktok, Facebook, and/or Instagram pages all @ lezbefriendzpnw aka LbF.

Since this is a startup, we only have 4 of our designs posted to see how well they do with the public. If other women love them as much as we do, then we will continue to post new designs to be placed on the various products we offer. So if you want to see more from us, Spread The Word